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Our Story

Furever Pet Designs started as an idea many years ago. We put together a simple step for our cats to reach the window sill a little easier. We noticed how much they enjoyed being up high and how climbing it came naturally, so we made a couple beds for them to sleep by the window. All three of our cats absolutely LOVED them. And, not to mention, WE LOVED THE LOOK! This gave our cats more than a common cat tree could give them and, for us, it looks beautiful, saves space and is easy to keep clean.

Many family and friends were taking notice of our design and were asking if we could make them one too! After realising it wasn't just our own cats that loved our products, we then decided to develop them into a consumer product.

The feedback has been incredible from our customers and we are thankful to everyone who has supported us on this journey!

Where We Are Now

It's been an exciting journey so far! As we continue forward, we strive to create modern cat furniture that is both functional and beautiful in the home. With more products to be developed, and new friends to be made, the possibilities are endless.


^ pictured [🐾Loua our 17 year old senior product tester]

^ pictured [Milo and Pheonix our shop supervisor's]


Thank you for your interest, we are happy to hear your feedback and answer any of your questions.

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